Operation: Return! Preorders Are Up For Masterpiece MP-13 Soundwave Reissue!

Transformers Masterpiece MP-13 Soundwave, the elusive Decepticon communications and spymaster, is getting a re-release later this year and preorders are already up.

MP-13 Soundwave, the Masterpiece figure that was here one moment and gone the next, is the next Masterpiece figure to get a reissue. So, for those who missed out the first time, the time to catch Soundwave and his winged partner/minion Laserbeak!

Here’s the Product description.

Product Features:
– Masterpiece G1 Scale Figure
– Figure stands approximately 8.5″ tall in robot mode
– Soundwave transforms from cassette deck into robot and back
– Laserbeak transforms from cassette to robot and back
– Tape Deck can hold up to 3 Masterpiece Cassettes
Figure Includes:
– MP-13 Masterpiece Soundwave Figure
– 1 x Laserbeak/Condor Fully Transformable Cassette
– 1 x Concussion Blaster
– 1 x Clear Energon Cube
– 1 x Mini Megatron Gun
– 1 x Cassette Case for Laserbeak

Preorders are up on site sponsor TFSource and BigBadToyStore, priced at $149.99. For those of us across the pond, KapowToys preorder lists it at £124.99. Reissue MP-13 Soundwave with Laserbeak is estimated to release around October/November 2019.
Did you miss out on MP Soundwave originally? Are you looking forward to  getting another chance at him? Whatever your opinion, join the discussion in our Transformers Masterpice thread on the Allspark forums right here. If you’re a new visitor, please consider making an account right here. Or, if you’d prefer, jump right into the livechat on our Discord Server and Facebook group.