New Official Stock Photos for Siege Wave 3 and Studio Series Wave 7!

Triple Changers, Constructicons, Commander Classers, and more in officially photographed glory!

Via the Facebook for UK toy retailer In Demand Toys, we have our first look at official photography of several toys from the upcoming third wave of Transformers: War for Cybertron Siege and Studio Series! For Siege, we have pictures of Deluxe Class Brunt, Red Alert, and Refraktor, Voyager Class Springer, and the new Commander Class’ Jetfire! On the Studio Series side of things, we have Deluxe Class Drift (in his AoE helicopter form), Dropkick (in his car form), and Hightower, plus Voyager Class Long Haul!
Check out the full gallery of pictures below or by checking out In Demand’s Facebook post above! Many of these figures are available from Amazon, Hasbro Pulse, or site sponsors such as Big Bad Toy Store and TFSource! And be sure to check out the the Allspark forums, Facebook page, or Discord server for more Transformers discussion and news!


Studio Series: