In Hand Images of Siege Skywarp Boxset!

The Decepticon Phantomstrike Squadron makes it’s move!

Via Taiwanese Transformers fan NimamaTF, we have our first look at the War for Cybertron: Siege “Decepticon Phantomstrike Squadron” boxset! First leaked oh so many moons ago alongside the “Autobot Alphastrike Counterforce” set who’s box art also recently leaked, this set contains a redeco of Siege Starscream as Skywarp and three Battle Master redecos: the… elaborately named Pteraxadon redeco Terror-daxtyl, the creatively named Aimless redeco Shrute, and the protectively trademarked named Aimless redeco Decepticon Fracas.

You can check out NimamaTF’s full gallery of the Phantomstrike Squadron boxset by continuing to read below or on their own website here. And as always, you can discuss this and all other things Transformers on the Allspark forums, Discord, or Facebook!