IDW Comics Shipping List for June 19th!

It’s time for our weekly Diamond Comics Shipping List! Check out some great titles IDW has in store for us next week like Transformers, Clue, Samurai Jack, Spider-Man, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and more! All coming your way for June 19th!


(W) John Barber, James Roberts, Mairghread Scott (A) Livio Ramondelli, Sarah Stone, Andrew Griffith, Marcelo Ferreira, Corin Howell, Alex Milne, Hayato Sakamoto

The Autobots and Decepticons’ uneasy peace is threatened by the flames of war! Starscream, ruler of Cybertron, makes contact with Windblade’s homeworld-and the only defense against a new Cybertronian Empire is the Combiners-multiple Cybertronians joining together into huge, dangerous forms! Collects Transformers issues #39-43, More Than Meets the Eye issues #41-44, and Windblade, Volume 2 issues #1-5.


(W) Greg Preslicka, Heidi Preslicka

Advance solicited for June release! You’ll need to divide in order to conquer in Amoeba, the tile-laying game that requires you to think strategically and act microscopically. 2-4 players draw and place tiles in order to build the biggest amoebas. But be careful: your opponents can place tiles on top of your completed amoebas to split them up and hurt your score. After all tiles are played, the players with the biggest amoeba wins! 2-4 players o Playable from ages 8+ o 30 minutes.


(W) Dash Shaw (A/CVR A) Dash Shaw

Was it Miss Scarlet in the conservatory with the lead pipe?! In issue two of this mind-boggler based on the timeless detective game, suspicions mount and Scarlet’s story is revealed. Still, more bodies will fall. Cartoonist auteur Dash Shaw deepens the mysterious, quirky, and colorful world of Clue!
•   From the creative mind that brought you the animated movie My Entire High School Sinking Into the Sea!
•   Visionary creator Dash Shaw re-imagines the world of Clue in this suspense-filled murder mystery!
•   Each extra-length issue also features playable Clue cards based on the comic!


(W) Sen-Foong Lim, Jessey Wright (A/CVR) Toei Animation

Ultimate power collides as Goku and Hit face off to determine which of their universes will be spared from destruction in The Tournament of Destroyers! Dragon Ball Super: Tournament of Destroyers is a 2-player combat game that challenges players to predict their opponents next move while building their ultimate combo. Unleash devastating combos in order to knock your opponent out of the ring, but be warned, after each ring-out your opponent will grow in strength! The last fighter standing after 3 knock-outs is the winner! 2 players o Playable from ages 10+ o 30 minutes
•   Replace cards in your deck to improve your abilities and learn new moves.
•   Knock your opponent out of the ring with powerful card attacks and clever combos.
•   Includes 2 large, fully painted, combat-ready miniatures.


(W) Delilah S Dawson (A/CVR) Fico Ossio

Advance solicited for June release! A Marvelous new era begins here! Readers of all ages can get tangled up in these all-new adventures of Spider-Man and his astonishing friends! Peter Parker has thrown down with deadly villains and legendary heroes, but high school life might be his greatest challenge yet. Luckily, he has a shot at making the grade with a little help from his new friends… Miles Morales and Gwen Stacy!


(W) Paul Allor (A/CVR A) Adam Bryce Thomas (CVR B) Gavin Fullerton

“Samurai Jack and the Empty Village!” As Jack travels through lonely mountain roads, he’s warned to turn back lest he disturb a haunted village. Of course, Jack’s never one to shy from danger, he continues forward. But maybe some things are better left undisturbed…


(W) Peter Laird, Kevin Eastman (A) Peter Laird (A/CVR) Kevin Eastman

Revisit the glorious origins of the TMNT during the 35th anniversary month! This special box set includes Mirage Publishing’s TMNT #1-4 and the Raphael Micro-Series at their original 8″ x 10″ dimensions enclosed in a box with new art from TMNT co-creator Kevin Eastman. A must-have for all shell-heads!


(W) Kevin Eastman, Tom Waltz, Paul Allor, Ian Flynn, Sophie Campbell (A) Sophie Campbell, Brahm Revel, Michael Dialynas, Ben Bishop (CVR) David Petersen

First, Donatello understands that more is at stake than his brothers realize and in order to prepare for the coming conflict, Don will aim to repair his relationship with his mentor, Harold… and his malicious robotic counterpart, Metalhead! Then, Michelangelo’s deteriorating relationship with his father, Splinter, reaches a point of no return! Will Mikey fight those he loves to save those who need him the most? Next, Leonardo seeks refuge in Northampton, but danger follows-in the form of Koya and Karai! An epic throwdown will result in Leo making a drastic decision that will quickly alter the course of TMNT history! And finally, Raphael is pushed to his breaking point as he is separated from his brothers and forced to endure an onslaught from the nefarious Bishop unlike anything he has experienced in the past!
•   Advance solicited for June release.
•   TMNT returns to its roots in these stories spotlighting each of the individual Turtles.


(W) Gary Carlson (A/CVR A&B) Frank Fosco (CVR B) Erik Larsen

The search for Deathwatch continues! As Leo, Mikey, and Donatello face new hardships in Arkansas, Raph attempts to scare some sense into the criminal underbelly of the city with a very familiar-and unsettling-disguise. What happens when the long-lost Master Splinter comes face-to-face with the Shredder?!
•   The entire TMNT Volume 3 run-all 23 issues-reprinted in full color for the first time!
•   Culminating in 3 brand-new issues to close out the series!


(W) Carlo Gentina (A) Stefano Intini (CVR A) Marco Gervasio

When Uncle Scrooge receives a hexed cell phone from Magica De Spell, he falls completely under her sway and starts behaving in a very hilarious and un-Scrooge-like manner. Will Magica finally get her hands on the much-coveted Number One Dime? Find out in “The Cursed Cell Phone”!


(W) Stan Sakai (A/CVR A) Stan Sakai

Follow the adventures of rabbit ronin Miyamoto Usagi as he wanders Edo period Japan on his warrior’s journey. In the start of this three-part story, Usagi becomes embroiled in a puppet drama where the players are not quite what they seem! Written, drawn, and lettered by comics legend Stan Sakai! Colors by Tom Luth (Groo the Wanderer)!
•   The start of an exciting new chapter in the epic ongoing saga of Usagi, now published by IDW!
•   Exciting retail incentive variants are offered for the serialized Usagi Yojimbo series for the first time!
•   This series will be in all color!

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