How to Find Stores Near You Hosting Transformers TCG: War for Cybertron: Siege I Launch Events!

Find hot stores in your area looking for Transformers TCG players with this one easy trick!

Wave 3 of the Transformers Trading Card Game, entitled War for Cybertron: Siege I launches in the US and Canada this Friday, June 28th! And as part of the game’s ramp up, which includes Organized Play, various stores that are part of the Wizards Play Network are hosting in-store events in honor of the newest wave! At these events, you can get a chance to win exclusive cards, such as Battle Master Smashdown or Gold Foil cards!
But how do you, the humble TCG player, find out which stores are hosting these events? While Wizards of the Coast has not yet updated their event locator website with Transformers events, the Transformers TCG’s Twitter has supplied a handy document that can help you locate WPN stores all over the world that might be hosting events! At 51 pages, it’s a fairly sizable document though, so you may want to open it in your PDF reader of choice so you can search for your exact region. Take note though, this document only lists stores that are in the Wizards Play Network. To find whether or not they’re actually hosting events, you should contact your local stores directly.
As for how to get your cards, you can find them at a variety of retailers including Target and Amazon, or buy local at your friendly local game store of choice! And for more Transformers TCG News, keep an eye on the Allspark’s front page and head over to our forums, Discord, or Facebook to discuss pulls, tactics, and all other things Transformers!