Hasbro Officially Announces 2020 Transformers Fan Vote!

Get ready to transform the vote again!

After we already got an early whiff of it last night from Hasbro’s Chinese division, Hasbro US has now announced their plans for their latest annual Transformers fan vote!
The announcement comes via Hasbro’s Transformers Facebook page, which shared the same image of the shadowy Decepticon silhouettes as the Weibo post. Encouraging fans to share their guesses in the comments of the post, Hasbro will officially reveal the identities of each character tomorrow, June 13, at 9 AM EST, at which time voting will begin! The “polls” (meaning the comments of said follow up post) will be open for the next 48 hours, followed by the official announcement of the winner on July 17!
Who could they beeeeeeeeee now? *Sick Sax Riff*
(And in case you’re not sure who the four potential Decepticons could be, you didn’t hear this from us, but our guesses are A) Gnaw the Sharkticon, B) the twin Battlechargers Runabout and/or Runamuck, C) the Targetmaster Needlenose, and D) the Insecticon Shrapnel)
So who’s your 2020 War for Cybertron hopeful? Let us know over on the Allspark forums, Facebook page, or Discord server!