Four New War for Cybertron: Siege Toys Revealed!

Two long rumored characters and two surprise combatants enter the fray!

ScreenRant has published an article revealing four upcoming figures in Hasbro’s Transformers War for Cybertron: Siege line! And if you’re a fan of late G1 characters, you’ve got three reasons to be excited!
One of those reasons, however, is not the long rumored Leader Class Astrotrain, but you should still be excited anyways! A full triple changer, complete with a vaguely steam train looking train mode, Astrotrain doesn’t seem to armor up quite like fellow Leader Class toys in the Siege line, but the article does promise he comes with combinable weapons! Also announced is another confirmed rumor, Voyager Class Apeface, who does indeed retain his Headmaster status with the included Titan Master Spasma figure!

As for the surprises, first we have Deluxe Class Spinister! Though he wasn’t the winner in last year’s fan vote, which ultimately gave us Siege Mirage and Impactor, it seems he’ll still be getting a new toy! And one of his Targetmaster partners, Shrute (née Hairsplitter), will be included in the upcoming Decepticon Phantomstrike Squadron boxset! No word on whether or not his running mate Wheeljack will also receive a Siege toy. We also have Deluxe Class Crosshairs, a remold/redeco or Siege Ironhide with a new head that turns him into the classic Targetmaster character!

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