Flame Toys Reveal Limited Edition Kuro Kara Kuri Power Burst Tarn!

Via their Facebook and Twitter accounts, Flame Toys have revealed that they are producing a super limited Power Burst version of their non-transforming, super-detailed Kuro Kara Kuri IDW Tarn!

This time around, Flame Toys has decoed their Tarn in beautiful, vibrant, electroplated metallics. To match this premium deco, Power Burst Tarn will only be produced in an incredibly small, one-off run of 500pcs! This run will be divided up three ways: 200pcs at Wonder Festival Shanghai, 200pcs at ACGHK 2019. With Flame Toys reserving the remaining 100pcs for ‘their fans’, via the D4Toys.com website.
According to the information provided by Flame Toys, while there is no word yet on the price of Power Burst Tarn, they do confirm that he will NOT be released to any toy shops, ever. So if you want to get your hands on one, you’d better start making plans now.
Check out our mirrored images below.

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