E3 2019 News Round Up!

So E3 was this week, and if you weren’t paying attention or watching the 20 plus hours of presentations, then we have you covered with a fairly good synopsis of the annual gaming show. Read on for the details!

So E3 kicked off a little early this year with EA having their own press conference/ Play event where they showed off Apex Legends Season 2 with a new legend called Watson, showed a slew of sports, Sims 4, and Battlefield 5 content. Their big push was showing 15 minutes of game footage from the first EA Star Wars game in a long time, Jedi Fallen Order.  This game looks to be an awesome return to form for Star Wars games. Check out IGN’s Hands on impressions with game play below:

Microsoft was the next big press conference of E3, and they hit it out of the park with a heavy emphasis on games. Ori and the Will of the Wisps is still 8 months out, but it looks amazing. Minecraft Dungeons is a top down Diablo-like game with Minecraft world and creatures with 4 player co-op that is coming out spring 2020. Cyberpunk 2077 had a cool cinematic, complete with Keanu Reeves, and its coming out 03/16/2020. Both Spirit Farer and The Legend of Wright look to be interesting games with some unique art styles and game play. Battletoads is getting a nice 3 player co-op game that really feels like an updated version of the original. Check out the link below:

Not content with just that we also got a slew of new Indie games, like Way to the Woods, where you play as two deer trying to find your way through a desolate city to the woods, and 12 minutes, where you’re trapped in a time loop trying to figure out the story of what is happening.  We also got a remake of Age of Empires 2, fully remastered in 4K with a new campaign. Forza Horizon 4 will now be getting Lego vehicles and tracks, and there will be a new version of the Elite controller. The Studio Double Fine has been bought by Microsoft, and they showed off Psychonauts 2!
We also got Gears of War 5! They showed off the game, and its new escape mode where you have to keep moving to stay ahead of gas while you fight enemies as you escape their hive. Check out the announcement here with a nice surprise cameo at the end!

Finally, Microsoft showed off Halo Infinite, which they announced would be a launch title for the Xbox Scarlett that comes out next Holiday season. Other than heavily pressing their Game Pass service, that is pretty much what Microsoft had to show off this year. Next year, I would expect to see more on the Scarlett as well as its official name.
With Playstation not having a press conference this year, Nintendo was the only other Console maker at E3, and their E3 Direct video was a huge success! Starting off with an awesome cinematic with Link being saved by the Dragon Quest 11 hero, we got the announcement the the Heroes from Dragon Quest 3, 4, 8, and 11 would be joining Smash Bros Ultimate! Check out the trailer below!

As a fan of the series since the NES Dragon Warrior days, I am shocked and ecstatic about this news! And the Dragon Quest news kept coming, with the DQ11 Definitive edition S for the Switch. The game brings back the orchestral sound track and has an English version of the 16 bit version of the game from the Japanese exclusive 3DS game! It comes out this September. After that, they showed  Lugi’s Mansion 3, which had some awesome new mechanics in it, and looks like a ton of fun. They announced that Witcher 3 complete edition is coming to the switch along with the Trials of Mana series and Resident Evil 5 and 6! We also got a good look at the Link’s Awakening remake that comes out this September. It even has a dungeon builder in it! Other highlights include Pokemon Sword and Shield coming out in November, No More Heroes 3 comes out next year, Fire Emblem 3 Houses this July, Panzer Dragoon this winter, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 The Black Order this July, Cadence of Hyrule Crypt of the Necrodancer out soon.
They then showed off Animal Crossing New Horizons. It is Animal Crossing, but you get dropped off on a deserted island where you build up from a tent to an entire community. New Horizons  comes out 03/20/2020. And finally, Nintendo ended with this gem.

After that we had the press conferences from the Software giants Square Enix, Ubisoft, and Bethesda.
Square Enix kikced it off with a long impressive video showing of the Final Fantasy 7 Remake! Check out the long video here, courtesy of Gamespot.

After that we got a look at few new games, like Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remaster edition, Circuit Superstars, Dying Light 2, Outriders, Oninaki, and Dragon Quest Builders 2. We also got a lot of info on upcoming DLC and expansions for their existing games like, Kingdom Hearts 3, Final Fantasy 14 Shadowbringers, and even a remastered version of Final Fantasy 8! They ended on a video for Marvel Avengers. This was their heavy push, and it has started a lot of memes by people that were disappointed in it. I’ll let you check out the video to decide for yourself whether you like it or not.

Ubisoft started things with Watchdogs Legion. It is basically Watchdogs in London, where you can recruit anyone to join the resistance against warlords and corporations trying to control the city and country. Check out the video below!

For Adventure Time fans, Jake, Finn, and the Princess are joining the Smash bros clone game Brawhalla. Jon Berenthal, of Walking Dead and Punisher fame, showed off Ghost Recon Breakpoint, which Ubisoft hopes will be a game that will last for years.  Just Dance 2020 will be out this November, and it even will have a version on the Wii! Rainbow Six Quarantine is a 3 player tactical co-op game coming in 2020, where you fight against swarms of infected. They also announced Uplay+,a subscription service for PC players that costs $14.99 a month. It starts in September 2019 and will be on Stadia next year.
Finally, Bethesda started off With Todd Howard joking about Fallout 76 and how bad it went. After a brief look at Elderscrolls Blades coming to the Switch, we got into their apology tour for Fallout. Their new content will be called Wastelanders. It will have Human NPCs, a new main quest, choices & consquences, and new weapons and gear. It will be free DLC coming fall 2019. Also, there will be a new game mode called Nuclear Winter. Set in Vault 51, it is a 52 person Battle Royale mode where you can level up with perks to claim the role of Overseer. It is also a free addition to the game.
Elder Scrolls Online got a really cool cinematic of a dragon fight and they announce a Wolfenstein VR game as well as a Commander Keen sequel.
They of course, had to show off Doom Eternal. It comes out November, so just check it out below. Warning, it is Doom, so lots of gore!

There was also some other news in E3 from the smaller companies. Arcade 1UP will be releasing three new arcade games. The first is a Star Wars arcade game bringing the 80s classic arcade games Star Wars, Empire Strikes Back, and Return of the Jedi back in one cabinet complete with original controls. The second is a Marvel set of games, Marvel Super Heroes, Xmen Children of the atom, and Punisher. The third is the four player Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and it’s sequel Turtles in Time! Also, Konami announce that they will be releasing a Turbo Graphics 16 mini console! Check out the video below!

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