Destiny 2 And Its First Year Expansion Will Go Free To Play And More!

Announced today that Bungie’s sequel shooter will go free to play! Read on for more details!

In a bit of gaming news, Bungie’s latest first person shooter, Destiny 2 along with its first expansion will go free to play on September 17th when the latest expansion, Shadowkeep, drops. The free to play version will be called Destiny 2: New Light and will contain all year one content, including the foundational modes, activities and rewards.
Also, Bungie has revealed that the game will be coming to Steam! All of your characters, gear, and content can be migrated from for free. Speaking of changing platforms, the Xbox and PC will now have cross save support! This will allow you to share your characters between the two versions. No word on whether the PS4 will join them. Destiny 2 with Shadowkeep will be on Google Stadia when it drops this November.
Also, you will no longer be required to purchase older content in order to play the new content! All the DLC will be switched to an Ala Carte style where you cna buy what content you want to. Speaking of content, there will be no more exclusive content, such as in the past the PS4 getting exclusive raids, maps, weapons, etc.
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