Dengeki Hobby reveals photos of Masterpiece Lio Convoy!

Dengeki Hobby’s website has put up a page spotlighting MP-48! The next entry in the Masterpiece series is another Beast Warrior from one of the 1990s series, but breaks the CGI BW momentum to bring us back to one of the Japanese series. Enter Masterpiece Lio Convoy!

This all-new mold for Lio Convoy seems to be following in the footsteps of the other BW characters, in that the overall ‘skin’ of the figure is entirely smooth to try and capture the animation model. Bright animation-cel-reminiscent colors, as well as a very animation-model-esque lion face, seal that deal. Maybe later on we’ll see a “textured” redeco, similar to Optimus Primal? We know from past experience with the character that there are many directions Takara tomy could go in — and previous releases like MP Shadow Panther and Encore Blue Big Convoy suggest they’re not shy about revisiting rarer color schemes. We’ll see!
Per Dengeki Hobby, MP-48 Lio Convoy is projected for a Winter 2019 release with a price that has yet to be announced.
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