Ultra Gear! Spark Armor Cheetor Revealed

There he is! Everyone’s favorite little guy is back!
Beast Era fans have been getting some good crumbs from the newest waves of Cyberverse, and today they have been presented a sizable morsel to chew on. UK toy distributor In Demand Toys put up some fresh pictures of a new Cheetor figure from the Cyberverse Spark Armor range. The character’s first retail release since the 2013 Micro Changer, and the first one that transformed since Universe, this toy of the new incarnation of Cheetor has been branded an Autobot, in seeming contradiction with the neutral position he seems to occupy in the upcoming second season of the Cyberverse cartoon.

Changing from a humanoid robot mode to a quadrupedal beast mode, this new toy is shaping up to be a fine addition to the Cyberverse range. Cheetor appears to be part of the Elite size class, as indicated by his Spark Armor vehicle, a retool of Elite Bumblebee’s Ocean Storm battleship. No release date is given, nor is there a sign of the sunny speedster’s wave of origin.

Is this the Cheetor you’ve been looking for? Are beast modes old hat? Wll you be waiting for the inevitable Titan version? Share your thoughts on the forum thread, the official Discord server or on the Facebook group!

David S