Transformers TCG Siege Brings Force Fields, Laser Cutlasses, Good Teamwork, and Bad Leadership!

Four new Battle Cards, plus a new Rules Round-Up!
As the march towards Wave 3 of the Transformers Trading Card Game continues, the folks at Wizards of the Coast and their partners are continuing to reveal new cards players can find in the new set! First up, via the ongoing series of Facebook posts from TFTCG design lead Ken Nagle, we have Emergency Defense Field! A rare card that has no pips, Emergency Defense Field features art of the previously announced master of energy shielding Trailbreaker. Unlike Wave 1’s Force Field card (which also returns in Wave 3 with new art), Emergency Defense Field can negate all enemy attack damage, but only if the amount of damage dealt is an even number. Elsewhere on their Facebook is a new Rules Round Up, outlining and clarifying the rules around upcoming Wave 3 characters like Major Ultra Magnus, Captain Elita-1, and Sergeant Cog!

Meanwhile on the Transformers TCG Twitter, there’s a pair of Autobot and Decepticon focused Battle Cards! The Autobot focused Heroic Team Up lets you add one of your character’s attack power to another character when they attack. For the Decepticons, there’s Callous Leadership, which lets any 8 Star plus Decepticon Leader character move up to 5 damage from themselves to another character on your team. The appeal of Heroic Team Up is pretty obvious, and naturally it has a Star cost to off-set that, but Callous Leadership opens up a much more heady set of possibilities!

To wrap things up, YouTuber WossyPlays has also been given a new Battle Card to reveal: Laser Cutlass! Granting Pierce 3 and +1 Attack to any character who’s at or under seven stars, Laser Cutlass seems like a great boon to most any Micro Master or Combiner character!

As always, you can keep an eye out on the Allspark’s front page for what’s new in the world of the Transformers Trading Card Game and discuss all the news on our forums, Discord server, or Facebook group!