Transformers TCG: introducing a (Flame)War for Cybertron

Transformers TCG designer Scott van Essen has just posted another Facebook update with a fascinating new reveal: the TCG Siege series is about to be joined by a female Decepticon, in the person of Specialist Flamewar!
Scott also talks about the importance of variance and other play mechanics, and revisits the notion of the Focus mechanic, which will also play a role in how Flamewar, well, plays.
The character debuted at Botcon 2005 has seen some action outside the convention circuit, with the name and look seen on a mainline figure as part of Transformers Prime, but this is the first we’ve seen of her in a while. As the latest in a long line of reveals that includes characters we ARE seeing in the Siege toyline proper, it may be inevitable to think of Flamewar as a hell of a get for the toyline — but it’s too soon to really say, isn’t it? Ultimately, the fun will be in the literal cards.
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