Transformers TCG Card Reveal Round Up for 5/30/19 PLUS Tournament Floor Rules!

Armor scrapping, Micromaster squishing, and other senseless acts of robot-on-robot cruelty await within!

First on the docket, Cameron Ehteshami‏ of the Arbitrary Hero YouTube channel got to reveal a pair of battle cards in a video posted to said channel! The first, Dismantling Claw, has a blue and a green pip and allows you to scrap an enemy’s weapon after scrapping the Claw itself. While it’s attached, you also have +1 to attack! The other is Reactive Armor, which does the same thing as Dismantling Claw except for armor upgrades! It also has an orange pip instead of a blue and gives +1 to defense instead.

Meanwhile, Seibertron’s TwinCast podcast interviewed Transformers TCG Brand Manager Drew Nolosco about the newly announced organized play events (keep reading for more on those!) and also dropped three more Battle Cards that are coming in Wave 3! The first, Scavenge the Battlefield, is a Secret Action that allows you to move any of a KO’d character’s upgrades to another of your still active characters. Second is the very morally troubling card Squish Them Like Bugs, the art for which depicts an Ultra Magnus overtaken by murderous intent trying to crush the poor Sports Car Patrolmen Detour and Road Hugger underfoot! If you can get over this horrifying act of cruelty, playing the card deals 1 damage to any enemy character with a lower star cost than the attacker, provided you first attack another character who also has a lower star cost. Finally, there’s Two-Pronged Attack, a card just for everyone out there running a MegaStar deck! After playing it, you can pick any character with a Tank alt mode (like Megatron) or a Plane alt mode (like Starscream) and force your opponent to either scrap two cards from their hand or deal two damage to one of their characters.

Finally, while not quite as exciting as some shiny new cards, Wizards of the Coast has now published the in-depth floor rules that will be governing their newly announced official tournaments! Check out the full, 27 page PDF over on the Wizards Play Network site here! And if you still have questions about these rules or just what the heck Organized Play means for the game, the TFTCG team is soliciting questions for a special, event oriented Rules Round-Up that’ll publish next week!
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