Takara-Tomy Stock Photos for Siege Barricade, Thundercracker, and Off Road Patrol!

Get a high-res look of these upcoming Siegers!
As posted on their Takara Tomy Mall online shopping site, Japanese Transformers distributor has shared pictures of these presumably near final production copies of three upcoming War for Cybertron Siege toys!
First up, there’s the Autobot Off-Road Patrol Micromasters Powertrain and Highjump, showing them in both robot and vehicle mode as well as their combined weapon mode, which is wielded by Siege Red Alert. Then, we have the Decepticon police car Barricade, who’s pictures also include one of him wielding the upcoming Battle Master Caliburst. Finally we also have Voyager Class Thundercracker, complete with his very smirky face.

You can click the highlighted links above to view their store pages on Takara Tomy’s site! To discuss these pics, head on over to the Allspark forums, Discord server, or Facebook page!