Road Hugger Comes to the Transformers Trading Card Game!

The Siege just got a whole lot clingier!

In their latest Facebook update, Transformers TCG Design and Creative Lead Matt Smith gives more insight into the design philosophy behind the small statured Transformers! Discussing their relatively low star cost and stats, Smith explains that the team has envisioned Micro Masters as support characters for their larger counterparts. To that point, he gives an example deck where the newly revealed Road Hugger uses his robot mode ability to buff Ramjet and Thrust into being able to deliver a truly devastating 13 points of damage in a single turn without the use of battle cards!

Even more interestingly, Smith also reveals that, at least Part 1 of the TCG’s War for Cybertron: Siege tie-in contains a total of 12 Micro Masters from 6 different Micro Master Patrols. Of those 6 pairs, 5 of them are all associated with one of the 5 Battle Icon pips currently in the game. That last pair they build secrecy around, but TCG Players may note that there’s a certain character in the Siege toyline who has two Micro Masters associated with him and has been conspicuously absent from the game thus far…
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