Red Swoop and Ricochet Now Available On Hasbro Pulse!

After a long wait, these two Power of the Primes Repaints are now available on Hasbro Pulse! Read on for the links!

These toy toys are the long awaited repaints of Power of the Primes Jazz and Swoop! Ricochet is an homage to the original G1 toy that was a Target master repaint of the G1 Jazz figure. While this toy doesn’t come with a target master, it is fairly faithful to the original. Speaking of G1 toys, the Red Swoop is repainted to be more like the original G1 toy as well. The first release of this figure was painted with a blue chest that he had int he cartoon series and movie, where as the G1 toy had a red chest. There was some debate on which color this toy would be when it was first unveiled years ago, and some fans were disappointed that  the toy had animation colors. Now they can pick up this figure that is finally out in its G1 toy color scheme!

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