Privates Tote and Red Alert Join the TCG, Plus a New Rules Roundup!

Two new characters, a new Battle Card, and new rule clarifications await!
Through the Youtubers Powered by Primus and Nanomachines, we now have confirmation that the Off Road Patrolman Tote and the paranoid security chief (seemingly turned medic) Red Alert are joining the cast of the Transformers Trading Card Game in Wave 3!

Meanwhile, over on the official Transformers TCG Facebook page, a new Rules Roundup has been posted, which also includes a look at a brand new Battle Card which allows players to swap upgrades between characters or recover their KO’d Battle Masters!That’s all the latest on the TCG front for now. To discuss the news, you can head on over to the Allspark Facebook page, on the Allspark Forums, or our Discord server!