Power Rangers Lightning Collection Lord Zedd Gallery and Review!

Appearing within the storm clouds engulfing the Moon Palace to resume command in the Allspark Studio today is the menacing Lord Zedd! Will he finally destroy the Power Rangers when no other could, or will he simply be another would-be conqueror for the Rangers to defeat?!? Tune in after the jump!

Ever since the announcement that Hasbro had obtained the toy license for Power Rangers, then not long after purchasing the Power Rangers property altogether, I have been eagerly anticipating the products Hasbro would produce for the franchise. Having purchased toys from other Hasbro collector toylines such as, Marvel Legends and Star Wars The Black Series, I’ve had faith in what they could do with a Power Rangers with their collector oriented line. Then plans for The Lightning Collection were revealed and expectations were shattered. As a 90’s kid, I have been a huge fan of the franchise and I can say that these figures are pretty close to what I have always dreamed of having as a kid.

In its franchise history, no Lord Zedd figure has ever truly captured and depicted the frightening character, and with Bandai America’s track record of releasing monsters and villains, we probably never would have if it weren’t for the power transfer that allowed The Lightning Collection figure to become a reality. Out of the package, which has some really wonderful illustrations by talented artist Tom Whalen, the figure comes with two alternate interchangeable hands, Lord Zedd’s signature staff weapon, a growth bomb, and an energy effect. The toy is wonderfully sculpted and is packed with texture and details. Nice wash on the figure to bring out those textured details on the muscles. The muscles are not comically or absurdly muscular and its head looks proportionate to its body. Paint applications are really good. The armor has a really nice silver, but unfortunately Hasbro missed painting Lord Zedd’s finger (fingernail) and knuckle armor silver as well. They were sculpted right there! So close!

The figure is packed with articulation. Lord Zedd’s armor pieces are made of soft plastic so it does not hinder articulation. His head has a full range of motion: forward, back, and side to side. His full rotation of the arms, bicep swivel, double joint elbows, wrist hinge and swivel, and an amazing butterfly joint that gives you extra articulation to pose the arms. There is a ball joint swivel at the upper torso for some added range of motion, and it also has an ab crunch for forward and back motion. While the figure cannot do a full split do to the placement of some of his leg armor, the legs do have a nice range of motion that allow for plenty of poses. The legs also have an upper thigh cut to allow rotation at the thighs, a double joint at the knee, and an ankle rocker at the feet.

Overall thoughts
Overall, I highly recommend getting this figure. I am extremely pleased with this figure and can’t find much to complain about besides the aforementioned missing silver paint on the fingernails and knuckles. And if I’m being real picky, his staff not being the same silver as the rest of his armor. While my figure does not suffer from this, there have been reports by others that the figure suffers from a minor case of loose ball joints at hips. If you’re a Power Rangers fan, this figure is simply a must have. If the Lightning Collection continues producing this kind of quality figures, then may the power protect our wallets Ranger Nation!

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You can purchase yours today at Hasbro Pulse, Amazon, BBTS, Entertainment Earth, or a major retailer near you.