Patton Oswalt Reflects on Wife’s Death, New My Little Pony Episode

USA Today has obtained a preview clip of tomorrow’s new My Little Pony episode, and comments from the episode’s returning guest star Patton Oswalt, reflecting on what sounds like a very emotional episode. Read on.

Oswalt returns as Quibble Pants, the fickle ‘true fan’ of Daring Do last seen in “Stranger than Fan Fiction” back in season six. This time he’s here with family: his special somepony (played by Oswalt’s wife, Meredith Salenger), and her daughter (played by Oswalt’s daughter Alice).
Be advised that the USA Today story explains the plot of tomorrow’s episode, including the ending. Read it here if you do not mind being spoiled. If you do mind being spoiled, you can just stay right here.
Here at The Allspark we do have a My Little Pony subforum, open to fans of all gens. You can discuss the preview clip or the USA Today story in the episode’s own dedicated thread here. We use spoiler tags in our forums, so have no fear. You can also join the real time discussion in our My Little Pony Discord channel as we watch the episode tomorrow (11:30 am EDT/PDT).