New Secret Actions and Firecon Flames for Transformers TCG!

Three new Battle Cards have been announced… plus an early look at the rumored Siege toy for a certain Autobot medic?
The Transformers TCG News Train has pulled into town once again! First up, via the Transformers TCG Twitter, is a Battle Card for the recently announced Firecon cards, that gives each of them Bold 1

Also up are two new Secret Action Battle Cards, announced through the game’s Facebook page! First is Infiltration, featuring Battle Master Ravage, which allows you to negate the effect of any Orange Pipped Action Cards. The next should be interesting regardless of your interest in the TCG, as it seemingly gives us a look at the long rumored War for Cybertron: Siege Ratchet toy! Unsurprisingly, it looks like Siege Ironhide with a new head, but also a new cannon resembling the one Ironhide and Ratchet’s original G1 toys came packaged with so many years ago! Curiously, other Ratchet cards in Wave 3 of the game use a design reused from the Transformers Legends mobile game, rather than this Siege design. As for it’s effect, the card will render your characters immune to any non-attack damage, such as damage done by Action Cards.

Be sure to check out the full Facebook reveal for these two cards, where designer Scott Van Essen runs through a potential scenario where these two new cards may come in handy! And be sure to check out the, Allspark forums, Facebook page, or Discord server as well!