MP Blackarachnia, Siege Barricade, and more at the Shizuoka Hobby Show!

The Shizuoka Hobby Show is going on over in Japan at the moment, and Takara has shown up with a full color prototype of Masterpiece Blackarachnia and several upcoming War for Cybertron: Siege toys!
Hot off the heels of last month’s long awaited Masterpiece Beast Wars Megatron, the MPBW train keeps on a-rollin with the arachnid femme fatale Blackarachnia, or Black Widow, as she’s known in Japan. We previously saw an unpainted prototype of her back at Winter Wonder Festival in February, but now we can see her (via photos from Dengeki Hobby) in full, glorious color!

And while we’re on the subject of Masterpiece, MP Movies series Megatron was on display as well!

On the less high-end side of things, we get our first look at War for Cybertron: Siege Barricade in the plastic as well! Previously we’d only gotten looks at him via CG promo renders. Check out those nice purple calves! And the Micro Master Sports Car Patrol! Other toys, like Leader Class Optimus Prime and Thundercracker, were there as well.

Studio Series was out in force as well, with the unreleased Constructicons Long Haul and Hightower, the helicopter and car (respectively) alt moded versions of Drift and Dropkick, and Dark of the Moon Optimus Prime!

For the rest of Dengeki Hobby’s pictures of Takara Tomy’s robotic offerings, including Diaclone and Zoids, check out their article here! And be sure to share your thoughts with us on the Allspark forums, Discord, or Facebook!