Motorcycle and Spaceship Battle Cards and Dampened Firecons in the Transformers TCG!

The veil has been lifted on three new Battle Cards!
Through his ongoing series of posts on the official Transformers TCG Facebook page, Transformers Trading Card Game design lead Ken Nagle has unveiled two new Battle Cards that help give motorcycle and spaceship alt mode’d characters a long needed leg up! “Pop a Wheelie” sees the recently revealed Flamewar pulling some sicknasty stunts and lets all motorcycle characters get an extra attack per turn! Unconventional Flying Object has Alpha Trion doing… something, and lets you flip a spaceship to their robot mode (thus triggering any actions flipping to that mode may cause) and then has you flip back to ship mode.

Over on the Transformers TCG Reddit, meanwhile, we have Dampening Field! Featuring a surprise appearance from the Firecons, the card is a Secret Action that makes it so your opponent can only draw 4 cards while attacking! As a Secret Action, it will certainly pair nicely with the new Skywarp card, also revealed today!

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