Generations Selects Siege Red Wing Revealed!

The Seeker with possibly the most unlikely and convoluted of backstories is finally getting his due!

After his existence was leaked through a presumed copy/paste error on Hasbro Pulse and a Canadian retailer listing, it seems we can now finally say for certain that Generations Selects Red Wing actually exists! YouTuber Kevin Liu seems to have gotten his hands on a copy of the figure ahead of it’s actual release and will be posting a video review later tonight, around 8:00 PM CST!

A redeco of War for Cybertron: Siege Starscream, Generations Selects Red Wing is the first toy of the character. Owing his existence to a series of miscommunications and coloring quirks, Red Wing has quite the convoluted origin (some of which is owed to the Allspark’s own PoweredConvoy) that makes him a fascinating pull from the annals of Transformers history. But oddities like the Red Wings and Combat Hero Megatrons of the world seem to be just what the Generations Selects line is for!
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