Generations Selects Red Wing store listing

Hasbro has been turning out Seekers at a steady clip, with a Voyager tetrajet Starscream leading Siege’s second wave, a Thundercracker set to drop soon, and a Skywarp recently revealed. Per Canadian retailer Everest Wholesale‘s store listing, one more might join their ranks — a seeker with wings of red.
Listed under product code HBGE5474, “Generations Selects REDWING” first appeared as an apparently accidental name-paste in copy for Generations Selects Megatron. Given that Selects has thus far included fan-sought redecos like Swoop in Diaclone/POTP packaging colors, and Siege Megatron in the unreleased G2 Combat Hero Megatron colors, it might be interesting for Selects to do a Seeker that Fun Publications introduced but never got to release as a toy.
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