Firecons Announced for the Transformers Trading Card Game!

Burn down the house with these three flame spitting bots!
After being teased a few weeks ago through their appearance on the Dampening Field Battle Card, an article published today by gaming blog Kotaku has confirmed that the three Firecon warriors Sparkstalker, Flamefeather, and Cindersaur will all be Character Cards in Wave 3 of the Transformers Trading Card Game!

Featuring all new card art from longtime Transformers artist Marcelo Matere, the three Firecons all have special effects activated by flipping to their beast modes, plus robot mode abilities that are triggered by drawing Orange pipped Battle Cards! The article clearly lays out that the Firecons will not be making an appearance in the War for Cybertron: Siege toyline, however. We can only hope that this rare appearance from the late G1 trio might renew interest in them!
You can find Kotaku’s full reveal of the Firecons here! And if you’re as excited to see and play with these boys as we are, you can share you’re enthusiasm on the Allspark Facebook page, Forums, or Discord server!