Elita-1, Chromia, Detour, and more Battle Cards revealed for Transformers TCG!

Lady Bots, Bubble Cars, and Health Boosting Battle Cards, oh my!
WotC’s reveal schedule for Wave 3 of the Transformers Trading Card Game just isn’t slowing down! In fact, they’re moving at such a pace they seemingly can’t even keep up with who is and isn’t supposed to be revealed yet! To help people keep up with reveals, they’ve helpfully created a pair of galleries for Character and Battle Cards on their Facebook page, but whether they meant to or not, one previously unrevealed Character Card, Sergeant Chromia, managed to slip in! As for a more intentional Facebook reveal though, Chromia’s presumed commanding officer Captain Elita-1 was more publicly posted.
Via YouTuber TCG Roll Out!, we also have the Decepticon Micro Master Raider Detour, depicted in all of his gloriously late 80’s bubble dome concept car alt mode glory. He may not have made the cut for the WfC: Siege toyline’s Sports Car Patrol, but the TCG is more than happy to have him!

Two other TFTCG YouTubers also got the scoop on a handful of new Battle Cards as well! Through Powered by Primus, we have a pair of Black Pip’d cards, Steady Shot and Smoke Cloak. The really interesting one here comes from Wossy Plays, however, who revealed Energy Pack, a card that increases your character’s base health! While healing cards have obviously been part of the game since day 1, this card introduces a whole new world of possibilities! BigComicPage.com also revealed Calculated Strike, another black pip card intended to help with taking down characters with tank modes.

Finally, while not as big news as card reveals, the official Transformers TCG Companion App for Android and iOS was also updated today! You can find the full patch notes on the Transformers TCG Facebook here or, presumably, in your app store of choice.
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