BOOM! Studios Comics Shipping List for May 29th!

It’s time for our weekly Diamond Comics Shipping List! Check out some titles BOOM! has in store for us next week like Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Lumberjanes, Steven Universe, and more! All coming your way for May 29th!


(W) Marguerite Bennett (A) Simone Di Meo (Main CVR) Jamal Campbell (Preorder CVR) Jordan Gibson (Incentive CVR) Xermanico (Unlocked Retailer CVR) Miguel Mercado

After the shocking revelations of last issue, the new team of Power Rangers make their final stand – and none of them will escape unscathed!

CODA #12

(W) Simon Spurrier (Intermix CVR) Chris Visions (A/Main CVR) Matias Bergara

The story of Hum and the Nag comes to a close.


(W) Seanan McGuire (A/Main CVR) Alexa Bosy

When Jo, April, Mal, Molly and Ripley stumble upon several muddy, spiky, cactus kittens in the woods, they take on the sacred mission of bringing the kittens back to their home. However, when they reach the garden menageries and it fs Dryad tender, they find that there is a deeper problem at the heart of the garden.and the Roanokes are the only ones who can help! Writer Seanan McGuire (Spider-Gwen) and artist Alexa Bosy team up for an entirely new Lumberjanes story!


(W) Kurt Lustgarten, Kirsten “Kiwi” Smith (A) Leisha Riddel (CVR) Audrey Mok

It’s heist time! A hacker, a thief, and enemies around every turn. What could possibly go wrong?


(W) Terry Blas (A) Gabriele Bagnoli (Main CVR) Missy Pena (Preorder CVR) Francesca Perrone

When Amethyst has a sad spell, Steven doesn’t know how-or even if-he can help. But Steven is not going to let them stop him, he’s going to cheer Amethyst up whether she likes it or not!


(W) Marcos Prior (A/CVR) David Rubin

Marcos Prior and Eisner-nominated artist David Rubin (The Hero, Rumble, Battling Boy: The Rise of Aurora West) weave a politically satirical look at democracy today through the lense of hyper-violence and explosive action.
Imagine a world overrun by big business and “fake news” via the social media machine…In The Grand Abyss Hotel neoliberalism has become a state religion, while the citizens quietly and then not-so-quietly rebel, giving way to violence on the streets and sowing chaos. A masked vigilante takes on the role of hero to battle politicians, the erosion of democracy, and social media. After the fires burn low and the dust settles, social order returns. Or does it?

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