You can still donate to Michael Mantlo’s Gofundme for his brother, comics great Bill Mantlo

Comics icon Bill Mantlo, one of the co-creators for characters such as Guardians of the Galaxy‘s Rocket Raccoon and teen tandem Cloak and Dagger, has been permanently disabled and in institutional care since being in an accident in 1992.
Recently, his brother Michael, who has been his caregiver for the last 27 years, has had to put up a Gofundme to cover hospital expenses that have landed him in debt. The Gofundme needs to raise $100,000, and is currently a bit over halfway there at $56, 709.
We hope you consider giving back to one of comics’ greats, who has served as an attorney and public defender in addition to giving us some of our favorite characters.
The Gofundme for Bill Mantlo can be found here.