Travis Knight talks about Charlie’s departure and the possibility of a return

The Bumblebee movie is continuing to hit homes around the world thanks to well-promoted DVD, Blu-Ray and streaming releases, and fans are getting to relive the movie at their leisure. Along with the heady rush of the action and Transformers lore, this includes the heartstring-pulling development of the characters of both Bumblebee and Hailee Steinfeld’s Charlie Watson, courtesy of writer Christina Hodson and director Travis Knight.
A article explores the question of the sad ending, asking director Knight about why Charlie and Bee have to part ways. Knight stands by the choice, indicating that even though the movie is intended to fit in with a larger storyteling tapestry, it needed to stand well on its own as a self-contained narrative:
“That it had a beginning, it had a middle and an end and it had proper resolution. And so as I was charting the relationship between these two character there was no other way for it to end. It had to end with them parting. It’s about one of those relationships, one of those life changing relationships that where someone comes into your orbit and fundamentally changes your trajectory moving forward. And it was, he has his mission to do and he has to go do it and she has her life and she has to live and she has to go live it.”
Knight doesn’t discount the possibility of a creative writer being able to wrangle a plot that brings Charlie back Bee’s way and vice versa, but makes it clear that this parting of ways was the resolution that made the most sense for this particular arc and film.
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