Transformers TCG War for Cybertron: Siege I Booster Box up for Preorder on Amazon!

Get properly equipped for the War for Cybertron!
A preorder listing for booster boxes for Transformers Trading Card Game – War for Cybertron: Siege I has appeared on Amazon! While no exact listing of how many individual booster packs is provided, it’s probably safe to assume it contains 30, like the booster boxes for the previous two waves. With two character cards and six battle cards per pack, that’s 60 characters and 180 battle cards per box!
Right now the box is priced at $119.70, though if following the other waves, that price may eventually go down to around $89. Whether or not that happens before the release date of June 28, 2019 is anyone’s guess!
You can find the preorder listing here! And if you pick up a box or two, let us know on the Allspark forums, Facebook group, or Discord server!