Transformers TCG reveals Siege cards with unreleased comic art

Through IGN and the Transformers Trading Card Game Facebook page, Hasbro and Wizards of the Coast have revealed a set of new cards and abilities for the game, based around the War for Cybertron: Siege toyline – with what appears to be artwork from upcoming issues of IDW’s Transformers series.
The series’ character cards feature the gritty, detailed art from the Siege packaging; they include Battle Master Firedrive and Micro Master Red Heat, smaller-sized cards with unique abilities that the Facebook page elaborates on.

But perhaps more intriguing to those who aren’t master tacticians are the “Ultra Magnus Armor” and “Battlefield Report” cards, which feature comic-style art that hasn’t been seen before – and both of which use designs highly evocative of those in the Siege toyline. There’s a very good chance that this art, which features the unworn armor of Ultra Magnus and Shockwave conversing with a Seeker, comes from an unreleased issue of IDW’s comics.

As with previous card sets, the new cards also include a good selection of artwork from IDW’s previous Transformers universe, ranging from Thunderclash’s “Grenade Launcher” to Starscream’s “Inspiring Leadership” [citation needed].

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