Transformers TCG Nagle’s Notes reveals Trailbreaker for series 3!

Transformers TCG lead designer Ken Nagle has posted a new Facebook Note with a new character reveal for the next, Siege-based series: Trailbreaker! Called “Private Trailbreaker” here, the classic character is accompanied in the next series by a reprint of the Force Field card (because of course he is!).

No indication yet about what this means for Trailbreaker in the Siege toyline, but it’s worth noting that the cards do feature a very Thrilling 30-inspired appearance. Either way, Trailbreaker brings a cool new dynamic to the game thanks to his unique use of the Force Field card. More talk about Trailbreaker and the TCG can be had at the Allspark Facebook page, on the Allspark Forums, or our Discord server.