The Air Strike Patrol Joins the Transformers TCG’s War For Cybertron!

Watch the skies, because Seekers aren’t the only airborne Decepticons you’ll have to keep an eye out for!
In the latest entry in their ongoing series of posts from game designer Patrick Nagle, the Transformers Trading Card Game Facebook page has revealed two more Micromasters who’ve joined the fight: the Air Strike Patrollers Raider Visper and Raider Storm Cloud!

Beyond the simple fact of their reveal, the article also goes into Nagle and the rest of the Transformer TCG’s design philosophy for the new Micromaster cards, revealing all of them have a low star costs, Stealth while untapped in their vehicle modes, and tap abilities based off of specific Battle Cards. In Visper and Storm Cloud’s cases, they feature the abilities of the Battle Cards Sonic Scramble and Focus Fire respectively! For the full details of what this means in play, you can check out the blog post here!
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