Private Lionizer Pounces Into the Transformers Trading Card Game!

The ___ Master reveals just keep on coming! After a week filled with Micromasters, the feline Battle Master Lionizer slashes his way into Wave 3 of the Transformers TCG!

Revealed by the Wreck ‘n Rule crew, a YouTube channel dedicated to Transformers TCG coverage, Private Lionizer is one of the new Battle Master cards, smaller character cards that can become a weapon upgrade for your other characters once KO’d!

While he has zero attack in robot mode, he does have Bold 4 in both of his modes, meaning he allows players to draw 4 more Battle Cards when attacking than they’d normally be able to!
Slightly curious, though, is his artwork, which depicts him in the original, G1 Lionizer’s orange and white as opposed to the final toy’s almost complete black. What could this mean, both for the card game and the toyline that inspired it? Who knows!
You can find Wreck ‘n Rule’s full reveal of the Private Lionizer card here! And you can discuss the reveal on the Allspark forums, Facebook group, or Discord server!