Overwatch Ultimates and Nerf Guns Available at Hasbro Pulse!

Get ready to Buy… Buy… Buy…!
Overwatch Ultimates, Hasbro’s new six inch line of characters from the hit Blizzard developed multiplayer first person shooter, is finally here! The first wave, now in stores and at Hasbro Pulse, includes the game’s frontwoman Tracer, the rollerskating DJ Lucio, the hacker Sombra, Reaper in his “Origins” skin, and the giant armored knight Reinhardt! Also available are two packs with the famed team of Mercy and Phara and the old soldiers Soldier 76 and Ana. The single figures are all priced at $19.99, save for the giant Reinhardt, who demands a $49.99 price tag. The two packs, meanwhile, are $39.99.
Also available are a large range of Overwatch branded Nerf guns, modeled after the weapons wielded by the characters in the game! You can now own replicas of D.Va, McCree, and Reaper’s weapons, the latter of which you can buy one at a time or in a set that gets you two along with Reaper’s iconic mask. There’s also three “MicroShot” blasters, inspired by Tracer, Torbjorn, and D.va’s weapons.
You can check out Hasbro Pulse’s full range of Overwatch products here! And you can share what you got on the Allspark forums, Discord server, or Facebook group!