Now That’s Hot! Transformers-Fortnite Collaborative Revealed

Surprising news today — Hasbro has announced the second-ever Transformers Collaborative item! This will be the third Hasbro brand to touch hands with the popular video game, after Monopoly and Nerf.

Named “Droptimus”, there is currently no way to know if the figure will be a new mold or a retool, as there are no images of the toy included. It is interesting to note the number of steps, which does not seem to match any figure currently on shelves. We also have the new logo, as well as a press release to pore over.

PAWTUCKET, RI – Apr. 1, 2019 – The TRANSFORMERS world will be shaken up forever when the “robots in disguise” interact with the world of first-person gaming for the first time. Hasbro, Inc. (NASDAQ:HAS) furthers the partnership with Epic Games with the reveal today of the TRANSFORMERS-Fortnite™ Collaborative initiative.
Where we dropping? Right onto, where a special new converting figure will be unveiled on April 6. Featuring classic conversion between robot and Battle Bus modes in 69 steps, DROPTIMUS will be up for pre-order upon reveal through the See Now, Buy Now program.

“Our loyal fans and families simply cannot get enough of Fortnite,” said John Hasbro, senior semi-president. “The blasters in our NERF product line were so well-received at New York Toy Fair, and some of our vocal TRANSFORMERS fans have expressed a yearning for their own Fortnite figures. We here at Hasbro believe this new project will engage the TRANSFORMERS community like never before.”

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David S