New Stock Photos for Upcoming Siege Exclusives!

Thanks to UK web retailer In Demand Toys, we have our first look at two previously-leaked Siege exclusives: the Firestormer Pack and the Skywarp Battle Pack. Read on to check out the images!

The Firestormer Pack includes a redeco of Deluxe Class Sideswipe in his cult-favorite Generation 2 color scheme, classic cassette combiner Slamdance as a Deluxe Class Skytread retool, and a currently-unnamed redeco of Battle Master Blowpipe.
The Skywarp Battle Pack, meanwhile, includes the titular Seeker from the Voyager Class Siege mold, plus three new Battle Master redecoes from the Firedrive, Aimless and Pteraxadon molds.
Both these packs are, according to leaked information, set to cost roughly the same amount as a standard Leader Class figure from the same toyline. For the time being, it’s unknown how they will be available in North American markets, although it’s guaranteed to be some kind of exclusive or limited release.
Also included are several new images of the previously revealed exclusive Deluxe Class Greenlight, packaged with the Battle Master Dazlestrike.
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