New Details On Sony’s PlayStation 5!

In a bit of video game news, we have some new details on the next generation of PlayStation gaming consoles, straight from Sony themselves! Read on for more details!

In an exclusive interview with Wired magazine, video game legend, and the lead systems architect behind Sony’s latest handhelds and consoles, Mark Cerny announced numerous details for the upcoming PlayStation 5.

  • While being a next generation console that is leaps above the PlayStation 4, it will have the same architecture and be backwards compatible with all PS4 games.
  • PSVR will be supported on the PS5.
  • Uses a third generation AMD eight core Ryzen CPU with AMD’s latest 7nm Zen 2 microarchitecture
  • The GPU is a custom version of Radeon’s Navi line, will use ray tracing, an extremely advance new technique used in visual effects and high-end PCs.
  • Will include an advanced SSD hard drive to improve load times by 2000% over the PS4.
  • Will have a custom chip for 3D sound.
  • Will have numerous games released for the PS4 and the PS5, similar to how Nintendo has done with it’s first party titles at the end of a console cycle.
  • The PS5 will not be shown off at E3 2019, and will not be in stores this year either.

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