Impactor Event Delayed And Replaced With Prime Core Solo Event This Weekend On Transformers Earth Wars

Due to iOS crashing issues with the latest version of the game engine, the scheduled Impactor event, along with the new cores and building, will be delayed until a solution can be found. Read on for more details!

This new event, called Prime Time, will be an Individual Totaliser. As in all Triple XP prime core events, all zones will give you the same amount of points, 10 maximum but an average of 9 in reality, and require 50 points per prestige with 30 prestiges in the event. Check out the Event information from Space Ape below:

We also have the results for the next 5 Star Bot poll! Personally, I voted for a different set of bots, but I think that this set will be interesting:

And finally we have Tug of War week coming back! Starting this Friday, Wars will offer a triple reward along with 1000 premium shards!

Are you getting a power core this weekend? Are you having issues with your iOS device? What do you think of this replacement event? Discuss all of this and more in our Earth Wars thread, on our Discord Server, @AllsparkNews on Twitter, or our Facebook group!