ILM Concept Art Reveals the Development of a Cybertronian Landscape

Industrial Light & Magic have uploaded a gallery of Bumblebee concept art with commentary from the ILM Art Department to their website, offering a glimpse behind the curtain of the development of the Cybertron opening of the 2018 movie.
Titled “Bumblebee: Developing an Epic Set Piece“, the gallery pairs concept art with insights from Steven Zavala, Alex Jaeger, and Alexander Gustaveson on the creative process.

In addition to good looks of the designs of the Autobots and Decepticons seen on Cybertron, we get to see what inspiration the artists took from classic Transformers media, such as the design of Cybertron and the Great Dome of Iacon, which inspired the Autobot headquarters. Perhaps most surprisingly, the green Seeker seen during the Cybertron scenes is not based on Acid Storm, but on Armada Thrust!

More slides from the gallery can be found on ILM’s website. Go and check them out, and then share your thoughts in our discussion thread, on Facebook, or in our Discord server!



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