Flame Toys Shows Off Furai Model 01-SG Shattered Glass Optimus Prime!

Via Flame Toys own twitter come pictures of another addition to their Trigger inspired Furai Model Kit line of Transformers. 01-SG Shattered Glass Optimus Prime, the tyrannical and insane leader of the Evil Autobots!

Although Shattered Glass Optimus Prime is, much like Nemesis Prime, a straight up redeco of Flame Toys original Furai Model Optimus Prime (Attack Mode). The Furai designs more aggressive and angular design, coupled with the figures striking purple/blue/black/yellow deco, lend themselves well to this evil Primes more malevolent personality!
Check out Flame Toys original tweet and our mirrored images below.

Preorders are already up on site sponsor TFSource for Furai Shattered Glass Optimus Prime, priced at $40.99. While for those of us across the pond, Kapow Toys has the figure up for £39.99. This figure is estimated to be released around July 2019.
Thanks to our own former Shattered Glass resident, Allspark user NightViper, for breaking the news.
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