Entertainment Weekly posts Knight rundown of the Transformers in the epic Bumblebee movie opening scene

The Travis Knight-helmed solo movie for Bumblebee charged out the gate with Cybertronian guns blazing, in a memorable G1 lovefest that had many 80s-raised fans hooked within the first five minutes of the film.
Nowthat the movie is out on home video, these fans get a chance to wear out the replay function — so to speak — to pick out every last detail and every last Autobot and Decepticon from their childhoods, rendered in a blend of the live-action Transformers aesthetic and their classic G1 looks. Before, you know, watching the rest of the film, which is awesome for different reasons.

Entertainment Weekly put up a rundown of all the Transformers featured in that heady Cybertronian opening sequence, just so you can check to see if you got them all or if the rush blurred your vision any. On top of that, avowed G1 fan and Bumblebee movie director Travis Knight weighs in on who got put where and why!

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