(Combo-)Breaking: Transformers TCG team retires Swap Parts card from competitive play

The Transformers TCG team has posted a new Facebook Note with some significant updates for competitive play. Essentially, the main announcement from Global Brand Manager Drew Nolosco is that effective April 19, 2019, the Swap Parts card is considered “retired from construced organized play” and will not be permitted for use in constructed events, including at stores or conventions. Sealed, turbo, and draft play will not be affected (the card may be used if a player opens a booster pack that has the card in a sealed or draft event.)
Following Drew’s announcement, lead designer Ken Nagle goes into the “Infinite Combo Deck”, a Specialist Combo Deck that inadvertently creates exploitable conditions, and how it compromises the intent of the game to be exciting but fair. He also details the alternate solutions the team play-tested, and explains why, in the end, retiring the card was the way they chose to go. More details are at the link above.
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