Bumblebee Movie Actor Jason Drucker Talks Reuniting with Hailee Steinfeld, Sequel Hopes And More!

Hot on the heels of the Bumblebee movies 4K Ultra HD/Blu Ray release, Comicbookmovie.com provides an interview with one of the films youngest stars, Jason Drucker, who portrayed Charlies (Hailee Steinfeld) younger brother Otis.

The interview covers such things as this being Druckers second time working with actress Hailee Steinfeld, his experiences as a fan if the Transformers franchise, his comedy chops and his hopes for what happen in any potential sequels.

As a Transformers fan.

CBM: I saw that you’re 13, which means you were very young when the first trilogy of Transformers films came out. Were you a fan of the franchise growing up or or are they films you discovered more recently?
Drucker: No, no. I was a fan growing up. I remember playing with Transformers toys since i was like 3 or something and had them for a while. Then i remember learning about  the cartoons and the tv shows and the movies also, which i did end up watching. Unfortunately, i didn’t get to grow up watching the original films from the ’80s, but i was definitely a fan before i got this role.

On working with Hailee Steinfeld again.

CBM: You had a pretty cool reunion on this film as you got to work with Hailee again, after Barely Lethal. What was it like reuniting with her after a few years?

Drucker: It was really, really cool. I think it was close to five years between both movies but people look and she’s accomplished so much in that period of time, in both singing and acting, so reuniting with her was super cool. I really enjoyed working with her on both films.

On his comedy chops.

CBM: I’d say most of your scenes in the movie are fairly comedic in nature, playing the little brother to Hailee’s Charlie, and then acting opposite Pamela Adlon and Stephen Schneider, who play your parents. Is comedy something that comes fairly naturally to you?
Drucker: Comedy is definitely my favourite genre when it comes to movies. Unfortunately, i haven’t had the chance to work on a full-fledged comedy yet, but yeah, i’m extremely animated and i feel i have a good sense of humor when it comes to many things and you’ll probably find me just making my brother or my mom or my dad just crack up because that’s just something i enjoy doing. It makes them feel good and it makes me feel good. So yeah, i’ve always enjoyed comedy for sure.

On a Bumblebee sequel.

CBM: Are there any others Transformers, outside of Bumblebee, you’d want to see in a sequel?
Drucker: For me, i’d, of course, love to see Optimus Prime again, the end of the movie had me so excited. I know the original Transformers fans would love yo dee more of the Gen-1 stuff from the beginning of the movie. That was a really cool scene.

He’d also enjoy the possibility of Megatron making an appearance too.
Check out the full interview at comicbook.com right here.
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