Puregrainaudio.com interview with Ricardo Hoyos, aka Tripp from “Bumblebee”!

What should be one of the most highly-appreciated things about the way Transformers has become a thriving live-action film franchise is how many big names it brings in. Actors the likes of John Malkovich, Kelsey Grammer, and, er, John Cena have lent their considerable presence to the brand.
However, it’s not just the already-big names, but the newer names that contribute to the brand’s continued energy. From Shia LaBeouf to Isabella Moner to Hailee Steinfeld, the young actors and actresses ground the movies in Hollywood’s here and now, with an eye toward the future.
One more such new face in Transformers is Ricardo Hoyos, who plays Tripp, the stock jock hunk that Steinfeld’s Charlie Watson is crushing on in 2018’s Bumblebee. Recently, Ricardo was able to sit down with Pure Grain Audio for a fun interview on his movie role.

In this interview, he was able to talk about going from a kid growing up with a Bumblebee voice changer helmet to acting in a movie about that childhood favorite. What’s more, there’s talk of a deleted scene featuring his character, the technology embargo on set, and what Travis Knight is like as a director!
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