Transformers TCG: Leveling Up Metroplex

One of the striking features of the new Transformers TCG is its unique card mechanics, with the upcoming Siege series featuring smaller-than-usual cards for Battle Masters and Micromasters. Early on in the game’s history, however, innovation came from the opposite end, as the titanic Metroplex featured in a deck set of his own.
What becomes of Metroplex’s hype now that the game is knee-deep in a new combiner-based series? Well, it sure doesn’t slow down, players. The Transformers TCG’s latest edition of Nagle’s Notes talks about leveling up Metroplex with cards from the new Rise of the Combiners series. Give it a read and find out how Metro makes great use of cards like Inspiring Leadership, Flamethrower, Security Console, Noble’s Blaster, and more.
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