ScreenRant gives us a look at a “Bumblebee” deleted scene featuring Charlie and Otis

The Bumblebee movie continues to win audiences over and reward rewatching — this time at home, thanks to home video releases in various formats. If the opportunity to check out the film at your leisure isn’t enough, the home editions — which include 4K ultra Hd, digital, and Blu-Ray formats — pack in a lot of extras. Included are a very informative 47-minute feature on the making of the film, as well as a lot of deleted scenes.
ScreenRant gives us a look at one such deleted scene, featuring Charlie and her brother Otis going over the lamentable state our delapidated hero is in at that point in the movie. Introduced by Hailee Steinfeld, the clip gives the siblings a chance to chat and take a freshly-cleaned Bee out on the town. Hilarity ensues!

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