Wonderfest And Atmos Con Vol. 6 Reveal A Plethora Of Transformers X Atmos MP-10 Repaints!

Via both Wonderfest 2019 and Atmos own Atmos Con Vol. 6. The Japanese streetwear and sneaker boutique has shown off not one, not two, but FIVE more MP-10 sneaker-themed repaints to go along with their recently released Transformers x Atmos MP-10ASL (Atmos Safari Lebron Ver.)!

It looks like Atmos might be gunning for ‘Most MP-10 Repaints’, since on top of the MP-10ASL (Atmos Safari Lebron Ver.), they have many more on the way. At Wonderfest 2019, they showed of three upcoming sneaker-themed variants. Duck Hunter Camo Convoy, Viotech Convoy  and Elephant Convoy. Pictures of which were then posted up via Snakas.
Check out the pictures on Snakas blog here. Or view our mirrored gallery below.

Then, via Collection.org, twitter user @SixoTFw3 and LoveStreetHype on Instagram, we found out that at their own Atmos Con Vol. 6 event, two more repaints were revealed. Tiger Camo Black and Tiger Camo Yellow.

Check out the pictures and video that showcase these repaints below.
Tiger Camo Black (Tiger Camo Convoy) and Tiger Camo Yellow (Animal Convoy).

The Atmos Con Vol. 6 video.

Also thanks to user Verity Carlo for breaking this news.
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